Get to Know Tax Pro Linda Blum

We asked some of our Tax Pros from all across the country the same set of questions to get to know them better. Here’s what Linda Blum of Buffalo, New York had to say.  

Q:     What do you love about Jackson Hewitt?  How long have you worked there?  Why do you stay?

A:     Mostly, I have always liked helping people.  Some people may not think doing taxes is helping people, but what I see are the huge smiles on our clients' faces after we have completed their 1040, and most get a refund!  Before the signatures are dry, they know what they are going to spend it on! I also like the fact that we have many locations to work out of, and availability of hours—giving flexibility to the staff and the clients.

I'm going into my ninth season as a Tax Pro. I stay mostly because of the camaraderie of our tax preparers and the loyalty of our clients.  Tax preparers: We like to learn through the Jackson Hewitt business center modules, tax school, IRS pub 17, and ultimately role play and bounce questions off one another, before we even get to the "live" clients!  Sounds boring, but to us it's challenging, interesting, and builds the confidence and knowledge needed to be face to face with our clients.  "Bring it on," we say with a smile! 

Clients:  We have loyal clients who come back every year, to one location and/or to one tax preparer. They know our names; we know theirs.  They may know our children's names and/or the names of other tax preparers, we may know their children's names!  We get referrals; they bring in their children, family, friends, next-door neighbors, etc. It's all good!

Q:     What did you do before you prepared taxes/started working with Jackson Hewitt?  

A:     I was a stay at home Mom for my two children, and worked part time as a cashier at Bkwik, then, I was a part time bus driver for the Buffalo public school handicapped children.

Q:     What do you do when you're not preparing taxes?   

A:     I take care of my two children, hang out with family and friends, study, and read.

Q:     How did you get into the business?   

A:     I saw a sign on the brick building at S. Park office, was good with numbers and studying,
         was getting disenchanted with bus driving, and inquired within.  Signed up at the end of August 2005.

Q:     What's your best/favorite customer story?    

A:     I have three:
         a) An adult male (a return client) who lives at home and has a learning disability told me that he was planning on buying his Mother a gift and take her out to dinner with his refund.  This was a very touching gesture.
         b) A client got such a big refund and was so elated, that he got up and started singing and dancing.
         c) A single Mom with two children got much more back than she anticipated. She came around the desk to give me a hug, with tears in her eyes, after the return was done.

Q:     If you could tell taxpayers one thing, what would it be?   

A:     Don't be afraid, and to bring in their ID's, SS#'s, year-end income (and expenses, if applicable), and any other information that is required for their tax return, to us, and we will compute the best option available for the best refund possible. Have no fear! Jackson Hewitt is here!