Holiday Party Planning: Tips on How to Maximize Your Budget

Want to throw a big party on a small budget? Relax…we’ve got ideas that will put the Ho-Ho-Ho back into the season, without turning you into a Scrooge.

Save on the cost of invitations and postage by using one of the many free online invitation sites available on the web. You can custom create an invitation, email them to your friends and family, manage your guest responses and even get party-planning ideas—all absolutely FREE!

Let nature be your decoration! Venture outside and see what you can find—evergreen boughs, bright red berries, even pine cones, all give your home a festive glow without costing you a penny. Or, turn it up a notch by buying a can of gilded spray paint and giving your pine cones a glittery holiday look. Get the kids involved and make some holiday memories as well.

Make it a potluck event and ask each of your guests to bring a favorite holiday dish. You’ll save on your food budget and everyone will get to sample some delicious holiday food. Make it even more special by compiling all of the recipes and creating an email “cookbook” to send to each guest as a party favor.

Skip wine, beer and costly mixed drinks and make a holiday punch that is both festive and delicious! You can find plenty of recipes online, and include a do-it-yourself ice ring “wreath” by half filling a Bundt pan with water, tossing in fresh cranberries and mint leaves and freezing until right before the party starts then float it in your punch bowl.

Dim the lights and power up with flickering votive candles—it will add a warm glow to your home and save on electricity, too.

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