• Taxes should be simple and fun

    Taxes should be simple and fun.

    Getting the biggest refund possible makes everyone happy. Our friendly and knowledgeable Tax Pros love digging through the complexities of the tax code to find each and every credit and deduction our customers have coming. We're obsessed with accuracy, and our integrity is second to none.

    Our customers see us working exceptionally hard, year after year, to get them every dollar they deserve.

    Here to stay

    We've been part of your neighborhood for more than 25 years. You can count on our experience to guide you through life events that affect your taxes.

    Online services, tools and resources

    If you're interested, we can help you become better informed about everything that affects your taxes.

    If you're a do-it-yourselfer who wants to file online, you don't have to go it alone. Jackson Hewitt Tax Pros are available to help guide you through our easy online filing process.

    Hear it straight from our customers

    Watch real customers and real Jackson Hewitt Tax Pros tell their Jackson Hewitt stories. Come on in and find out for yourself why Jackson Hewitt is such a trustworthy and valuable resource. Learn more. 

    Our Fact Sheet

    •  We are responsible for preparing millions of federal, state and local individual income tax returns each year.
    •  We currently operate approximately 6,500 franchised and company-owned locations throughout the United States, including locations in Walmart stores nationwide, and Sears stores in the United States and Puerto Rico.
    •  We're based in Parsippany, New Jersey.
    •  We were founded in 1982.
    Facts about Jackson Hewitt