• The Jackson Hewitt® 5: Five reasons to work with us!

    IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider

      1. 1.

      You Like Helping People.
      Helping People is How We Built our Business.

      Taxes can be scary. And, missing out on money you’re entitled to, is even scarier. That’s why our Tax Pros are trained to put clients at ease, digging deep to get them every dollar they’re entitled to get. Seeing them smile when they see their refund amount? Well, that’s just icing on the cake.

      1. 2.

      You Like Taxes…You REALLY Like Taxes. Cool—So Do We!

      Calling all tax geeks—it’s okay to like taxes, we certainly do! Jackson Hewitt Tax Service has more than 25 years in the tax prep business and our Tax Pro training is second to none. Join our team and you’ll enjoy award-winning training, free Continuing Education credits as long as you work with us and receive your Record of Completion from the IRS when you complete the IRS Requirements for the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP).

      1. 3.

      You Want to Work for the Best. We Want to Hire the Best.

      At Jackson Hewitt, we know that our Tax Pros are the face of our company. That’s why Jackson Hewitt makes such an effort to train and hire the very best qualified tax preparers we can. From providing the support you need, to making you ready with our best-in-class training, when you succeed, we succeed. In fact, Jackson Hewitt is the only tax preparation company in the nation to be selected among CLO Magazine's LearningElite, for the exceptional training programs we offer!

      1. 4.

      You Need Flexibility. We Offer Flexible Schedules that Really Fit Into Your Busy Life.

      Not really a 9 to 5 kind of person? That’s ok. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service will work around YOUR schedule. Work while the kids are in school, during the evening, on weekends, or a combination of all of the above. We can create a schedule customized just for you.

      1. 5.

      You Want to Earn What You're Worth. We Couldn't Agree More!

      That’s why working as a Tax Pro could see you earning up to $20/hour, including opportunities for bonus payments. After all, you deserve to be paid as the professional you are and working with us, you will be compensated for your experience and years of service.