Valentine’s Day by the Dollars

The average tax refund comes in at around $3,000 according to IRS data. The IRS started accepting returns on January 31. So if you’re due a refund, you’re likely to get it right around Valentine’s Day. Wondering what those refund dollars could buy for your love? A lot of candy hearts for starters!

Let’s take a look at what $3,000 could buy in the name of love:

  • 750 one-pound bags of candy hearts.
  • A dozen red roses will cost you about $80. Therefore, you could get your significant other 444 red roses (although we can’t promise they’ll think it was a wise investment.)
  • 100 boxes of deluxe Valentine’s Day chocolates.
  • 30 one-hour massages.
  • A trip for two to the Caribbean (now there’s a gift with some heat!)

And hey, don’t forget the pets. Your four-legged friend could get a Louis Vuitton dog carrier, or a whole lot of catnip.  

And if you’re going solo this Valentine’s Day, no worries, that’s just more chocolate for you!

Now that you know how romantic your tax refund could be, stop by
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