Stop Procrastinating Today…Not Tomorrow!

Procrastination. Lots of us are guilty of it—but putting things off until “tomorrow” doesn’t really accomplish anything except adding more stress to our already over-stressed lives. Whether it’s organizing your closet or getting your taxes done, we’ve got some helpful hints that will turn your “to do” list to a “done” list!

Make a list:
The easiest step to take to stop procrastinating is to make an actual list of things that you need to get done. Having a physical record of your goals and accomplishments is often the single motivator that you need to turn inaction into action. Set reasonable timeframes for your tasks and watch as you check off items when complete.

Start small:
Do five-minute projects. Actually use a timer and give yourself five minutes to complete a smaller task or whittle down the amount of time needed to complete a bigger task. Anyone can spare five minutes, and you will be so relieved when you see your list of “open” jobs decreasing.

Find extra motivation in tasks:
For example, if you’re cleaning out clutter, focus on what you can donate. Knowing that someone in need will benefit by having the things you no longer want may be just the motivation you need to tackle your closet or attic. Scheduling a firm pick-up date with a charity will make you set aside the time needed to get it done. Plus, if you contribute to a recognized 501(c)(3) charity, your donation could give you a nice tax deduction. Speaking of taxes…

Stuck on taxes? Get help:
You already have all of the required paperwork needed to file, so go and get it and head over to your neighborhood Jackson Hewitt® office today. You can even visit JacksonHewitt.com and register for My JH for free. It allows you to upload and send your tax paperwork directly to your local office and save time once you get to your appointment.

Why wait until April 15th to file? You can get your taxes done today and that means if you’re getting a refund, you’ll get it that much sooner. Worried that you may owe money? You still have until April 15th to submit payment or ask your Jackson Hewitt® Tax Pro about the Flex-Pay® program. Your Tax Pro can tell you which options are available to you, and then you can choose the one that is right for you.

Stop procrastinating today and you’ll have less stress tomorrow.