• Adults Under Age 65

    ACA and Adults Under Age 65
    Health care reform affects every tax return. Jackson Hewitt is here to help you figure out what those changes mean for you and what you can do about them.
    •  Beginning in 2014, everyone can get health coverage. You can’t be turned down, even if you’re sick.
    •  For some, advanced payment of tax credits will help pay all or part of the cost of insurance. Some individuals can even get free coverage.
    •  What happens when life happens? Life changes have a big impact on your taxes as well as your health insurance. If you get married, have a child, move, lose your health insurance, or your income changes during the year, you can apply for or adjust your coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. You can do this even after February 15 if you have life changes after this date.
    •  Penalties if you don't have coverage: If you don’t get and keep insurance during 2015, then you may have to pay a tax penalty the next year. If you owe a penalty, you will pay it when you file your taxes in 2016, resulting in a smaller refund or larger liability.
  • What should I do now? Visit your local Jackson Hewitt office. Here’s how we can help*:
    • When you file your taxes with Jackson Hewitt, we’ll simplify the process of figuring out what you qualify for.
    • We’ll do the government paperwork so you don’t have to.
    • We’ll actually help you sign up for Medicaid if you qualify. If you have kids, they may also qualify for free or low-cost health insurance in Medicaid and CHIP.
    • If you qualify for a insurance from the Marketplace and/or the advanced tax credit, a licensed third-party can actually enroll in free or affordable health insurance.
    • You can just find out your options now – and decide later whether to sign up. There is no obligation. Just stop by your local Jackson Hewitt office when you are ready to file your taxes and we’ll get you started. Our service is free—and you can learn about your options without making any commitment to sign up for coverage.

      *Ask Tax Pro for details. Consistent with State law, we do not provide advice about the selection of qualified health plans and instead refer such queries to a properly licensed third-party or to the insurance marketplace. Most offices are independently owned and operated.

  • Helpful Resources

    •  Report on premium assistance tax credits under the ACA. Read PDF.
    •  Want to get technical? Check out these expert reports from the Congressional Research Service (CRS):
    •  Want to estimate how much this new coverage may cost and how big your tax credit may be? Try the Kaiser Health Subsidy Calculator
    •  Report on the individual mandate tax penalty under the ACA. Read PDF.