• Policy Makers

    ACA and Policy Makers

    Given the close link between the ACA and the tax code, Jackson Hewitt is positioned to act as a resource to policy makers — to highlight emerging policy issues, particularly those that impact individuals, employers and enrollment activities.

    The ACA embedded the new insurance affordability programs into the Internal Revenue Code — meaning that health care and tax issues are now tightly linked. Both health and tax law are hugely complex, and federal policy changes will inevitably have unexpected or counter-intuitive effects.

    Jackson Hewitt applied our tax and health expertise to highlight a few of the emerging policy issues related to the ACA implementation:

    •  Translating tax filing into health insurance enrollment
    •  Health care providers can use the forgiveness of medical debt as a powerful enrollment incentive. To learn more about how hospitals can turn nominal receivables into a guarantee that patients come back to their facilities with health insurance, check out this Jackson Hewitt report. Read PDF.
    •  Employers in states that do not expand Medicaid may face higher federal tax penalties. Read PDF.

  • Helpful Resources

    •  Report on premium assistance tax credits under the ACA. Read PDF.
    •  Want to get technical? Check out these expert reports from the Congressional Research Service (CRS):
    •  Want to estimate how much this new coverage may cost and how big your tax credit may be? Try the Kaiser Health Subsidy Calculator
    •  Report on the individual mandate tax penalty under the ACA. Read PDF.