Tax Credits

Jackson Hewitt can help you determine whether or not you are eligible for certain tax credits. Our ProFiler® system, used at all Jackson Hewitt offices can identify potential credits you may be entitled to and our new offering, Jackson Hewitt Online utilizes your job title to determine available tax credits. Get all the credits you deserve now.


Additional Child Tax Credit

The Additional Child Tax Credit works with the Child Tax Credit. When you are unable to use the full $1,000 per child credit because your Child Tax Credit is limited to your tax liability, you may be eligible to receive the Additional Child Tax Credit. You must have $3,000 in taxable wages or self-employment income to qualify for the credit. Military members who are in a combat zone should add their combat pay to the credit calculations to make sure they are getting the highest possible credit. Any credit amount not applied to your other taxes may be added to your refund.